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Padmanabh Temple- Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Padmnabh Temple

Pdmnabswami temple in Trivandrum, Kerala, famous Hindu temple of Lord Vishnu. Padmanabha Swamy Temple is one of India's major Vaishnava temples, the magnificent 18th century temple was built by the Travnkorke Martanda Varma Maharaja. A trust controlled by the royal family sees the work. Its magnificent temple architecture and a series of granite columns with the thousand-headed statue of Lord Vishnu lying down on the rest of the snake is known for. Six secret room in the temple, which was marked A Ftk. In 2011, a devotee of the Supreme Court petition was ordered to open all the rooms. The A and B would have to close by 1872.
          On 2 July 2011, approximately Indian Rupee symbol.svg 500 billion (US$11.15 billion) worth of gold, jewels, and other treasures were unearthed in the vaults of the temple. Several 18th century Napoleonic era coins were found, as well as a gold idol of Mahavishnu and ceremonial attire for adorning the deity in the form of 16-part gold anki weighing almost 30 k.g. (66 lb) together with gold coconut shells, one studded with rubies and emeralds. The Kerala High Court recently ordered the temple be managed by the State to ensure the security of the temple and its treasures. This ruling was set aside by the Supreme Court. The Temple remains under the control of a private trust run by the Royal family. On 3 July, the total stands at 1Lakh crore (US $22 billion).
In the case of property that is believed to be the world's most rich temple, the temple in Andhra Pradesh Tiruptibalajiko can leave behind.

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  1. Wrong. .This is a much more Ancient Temple built by the Ay-Vel Kings. .6th century A.D or Older. .